Trump Has Power to Flip Blue States Red in 2020

  • President Trump has the chance to flip historically blue states red during the 2020 election.
  • Minnesota could be a possible pick up for Trump since the GOP took the 8th congressional district last year, which was one of the few pickups by Republicans.
  • Due to an unpopular government and increasingly progressive left-wing policies, Illinois could turn Trump’s way.
  • Illinois’ changing tax laws are sending businesses and wealthier citizens to Wisconsin, Indiana and other states.
  • Opponents against moving from a flat tax to a progressive income tax could mobilize voters to vote red.
  • Illinois is also considering one of the most pro-abortion laws in the country, which would remove virtually all  restrictions.
  • Pro-life voters could turn out in droves in retaliation against lawmakers who support the lenient abortion law.

Reference Links

  • Breitbart: Blue State Blues: Democrats Are Putting Illinois in Play in 2020 READ
  • Reason: Illinois Passes Constitutional Amendment to Allow a Progressive Income Tax READ

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