Trump Edging Out Biden in 4 Out 6 Battleground States, According to Pollster

  • According to GOP pollster Chris Wilson, President Trump has the edge over Democratic front-runner Joe Biden in four out of six key battleground states, which include Texas, Iowa, Florida and Wisconsin. Biden is ahead in Michigan and the two are in a dead heat in Pennsylvania.
  • Wilson said: “What we found is the president is doing very well in a lot of the states he won back in 2016; the ones that gave him victory. And we see six states we looked at; he has a lead in all but two of them. And in those he is in the margin of error, just slightly behind.”
  • Wilson further added: “What we saw is the midterm elections really tell us nothing about what’s going to happen in 2020 and that’s a good reminder when it comes to these sort of presidential elections, midterm have nothing to do with it.”
  • Wilson also said that Trump has the edge over Biden with blue-collar workers and is “rebounding with suburban voters.”

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