Overzealous Biden Staff Accused of Reporter Mistreatment, Physically Blocking them…

  • Since former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign launch about two weeks ago, numerous reporters have claimed they have been mistreated by his staff.
  • Marcus DiPaola, a freelance journalist, covered the Biden campaign last week where he described his and other reporters’ interactions with Biden staffers as “out of line, totally.”
  • DiPaola tweeted: “A reporter approached Biden to ask a question and a member of his staff told the reporter to leave, and when the reporter explained that they were just doing their job, the staffer said she was too. The staffer then took a photo of the reporter.”
  • Another report claims that a staff member “physically put their body” between Biden and the reporter.
  • Another reporter alleges that a staffer put her hands up to block his camera shot.
  • There have been numerous reports over the years of Biden’s staff mistreating reporters and preventing them from doing their jobs.
  • Biden’s campaign hasn’t commented on the allegations.

Reference Links

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  • The Blaze: Joe Biden’s staff accused of physically blocking media from accessing and sometimes even photographing the candidate READ

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