Famous Flip-Flopper Kamala Harris Goes Back-and-Forth on View of Decriminalizing Border on ‘The View’

  • Appearing on “The View,” 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris appears to have flip-flop on whether she supports decriminalizing the border.
  • During a June debate, when asked if they were in favor of decriminalizing the southern border, Harris was one of the Democrats who raised her hand, but when “The View” co-host Megan McCain asked about her position, Harris denied supporting decriminalization, then reversing course.
  • Harris said: “That is not correct, I’m not in favor of decriminalizing or not having consequence for, let me be very clear, we have to have a secure border, but I am in favor of saying that we’re not going to treat people who are undocumented cross the border as criminals, that is correct, that is correct.”
  • Harris said: “We cannot have any more policy like we have had under this current president,” before calling President Trump’s immigration policies “inhumane.”
  • Harris added: “We have got to have policy that is about passing comprehensive immigration reform, with a pathway toward citizenship.”
  • McCain said: “I believe that if someone crosses over the border illegally, it’s illegal. And you would decriminalize it.”
  • Harris confirmed and said: “I would not make it a crime punishable by jail. It should be a civil enforcement issue but not a criminal enforcement issue.”
  • Harris has a history of changing her mind on key issues like expressing support for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan at one point, by “acknowledging that it would eliminate private insurance, then changed her stance by claiming to be against eliminating private insurance.”
  • Another example is Harris’ position on bussing where she famously went after former Vice President Joe Biden during a debate “for his past opposition to federally mandated busing to integrate schools.” However, a few days later, Harris seemed to share Biden’s view on the issue.
  • Harris said: “I think of busing as being in the toolbox of what is available and what can be used for the goal of desegregating America’s schools. I believe that any tool that is in the toolbox should be considered by a school district.”
  • Biden responded: “I think if you take a look, our positions aren’t any different as we’re finding out.”

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