Dems Don’t Have a Case for Impeachment, Says Jason Chaffetz

  • Fox contributor and former lawmaker Jason Chaffetz doesn’t believe Democrats have a strong case of impeachment against President Trump and instead are “in search of facts” to back up their conclusion of impeachment.
  • Chaffetz said: “Democrats are a party where they’ve reached conclusions and now they’re in search of facts, and they’re picking some very stupid fights.”
  • House Democrats are holding a closed meeting on Wednesday to discuss among other things, proceeding with impeachment charges against Trump.
  • This week, Rep. Steve Cohen said that about 80% to 90% of House Democrats support proceeding with impeachment.
  • Chaffetz added: “It distracts from the presidential race, it distracts from their agenda. I don’t think, with a thriving economy, the Democrats have anything to offer the American people except for the perception of chaos.”

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