Booker Continues to Bash Biden’s New Criminal Justice Reform Plan, Previous Track Record; Biden Pushes Back, Defending New Plan, Role in 1994 Crime Bill

  • Democratic Sen. Cory Booker continues to go after former Vice President Joe Biden for his newly-unveiled criminal justice reform plan, calling him an “architect of mass incarceration,” for his involvement in previous policies, but Biden has pushed back, defending his record.
  • During an appearance at an NAACP forum, Booker said of Biden: “For a guy that helped to be an architect of mass incarceration, this is an inadequate solution to what is a raging crisis in our country.”
  • Biden recently unveiled a plan that he said will address and reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system, as well as disparities related to gender and income.
  • After Biden released his plan, Booker released a statement saying that Biden’s “role in passing a 1994 crime bill widely seen as having contributed to mass incarceration in the U.S. undermined his ability to address the issue moving forward.”
  • Booker said: “Joe Biden had more than 40 years to get this right. The proud architect of a failed system is not the right person to fix it.”
  • Biden defended his new plan and his former policies by saying: “Cory knows that’s not true, number one. Number two, you know, the significant part of incarceration, it occurred before the crime bill was written.”
  • Biden continued: “Number two, if you look at the mayor’s record in Newark, one of the provisions I wrote in the crime bill, a pattern of practice and misbehavior, his police department was stopping and frisking people — mostly African American men. We took action against them; the Department of Justice took action. Held the police department accountable.”
  • “[Booker] objected to federal interference. If he wants to go back and talk about records, I’m happy to do that. But I’d rather talk about the future,” Biden said.
  • Biden added: “I introduced a crime bill that I challenge him or anyone else to tell me how he has a better plan than I have for moving from here. And you know, it’s about the future. What do we do from this point on? What do we do about the incarceration that occurs?”
  • Biden has continued to defend the 1994 bill and said that it was necessary when there was a staggering amount of violence, but admitted it disproportionately affected people of color.

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