• Though a $15 minimum wage is one of the tenets of his campaign, Senator Bernie Sanders doesn’t pay his staff members that amount, which has some staffers demanding a boost in pay, prompting Sanders’ announcement that he will lessen workers’ workload to ensure no one gets paid less than $15 per hour.
  • “The Washington Post” published an article on Thursday “that some members of Sanders’ campaign have been lobbying to raise their wages. Field organizers say they make a salary of $36,000 annually but work 60 hours per week, which is an average of $13 per hour.”
  • “The Post” also reported that unionized workers plan “to send a letter to campaign manager Faiz Shakir.”
  • According to a collective bargaining agreement, “field organizers, often 20-something-year-olds who uproot their lives and spend long days on the front lines of the campaign, are paid a set annual salary of $36,000, while interns and canvassers make $15 an hour and bargaining unit deputies rake in $100,000 a year.”
  • Workers will ask “for a $46,800 salary for field organizers and $62,400 for regional field directors, as well as a 58-cent-per-mile reimbursement for car travel expenses.”
  • In a draft letter, union workers wrote: “Many field staffers are barely managing to survive financially, which is severely impacting our team’s productivity and morale.”
  • Campaign workers claim that people have left the campaign due to the low pay.
  • Additionally, Bernie’s campaigners say “their work conditions fly in the face of Sanders’ campaign platform when it comes to fair pay.”
  • The draft included: “We expect negotiations and concessions to be given to this committee by July 31st at the latest, given the urgent nature of raising pay for Field staff and the unsustainability of the current situation.”
  • Sanders is known for marching with McDonald’s employees to help them secure higher wages and accusing Walmart executives of paying their employees “starvation wages.”
  • Sanders campaign became the first one to unionize and did so in March 2019.

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