Spygate: FBI Used Informant to ‘Seduce’ Former Trump Adviser Papadopoulos to Prove Trump-Russia Hoax

  • According to a New York Times report, former Trump foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, was the target of a probe by a Cambridge University research assistant who really turned out to be a U.S. intelligence informant.
  • On Thursday, Papadopoulos said the informant attempted to “seduce him as part of the bizarre episode.”
  • The report stated that the FBI used a woman, alias Azra Turk, to meet and engage with Papadopoulos at a bar in London, and she asked him “whether the Trump team was working with Russia.”
  • Papadopoulos accused the woman of trying to seduce him in order to “make me slip up and say something that they knew I had no info on.”
  • The report involved individuals who are familiar with the ongoing investigation into the intelligence community’s actions prior to Trump winning the presidency.
  • On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr received criticism for stating that spying had occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • The FBI has declined to comment on The New York Times report.

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