Givin’ ‘Em Hell: Lewandowski Refuses to Bow to Dems’ Slimy Tactics by Refusing to Answer Questions About Phony Russia Investigation During Contentious Hearing

Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s former campaign manager, acknowledged on Tuesday that Trump “enlisted him to try to limit the Russia election interference inquiry but defended Trump and tangled with Democrats.” The contentious testimony came before “a U.S. congressional panel mulling whether to impeach the president.” Lewandowski is “a Trump confidant eyeing a run as a […]

Despite Sloppy, Unfounded Reporting by New York Times, ‘Squad’ Member Pressley Insists on Impeachment Inquiry on Justice Kavanaugh

On Tuesday, progressive Rep. Ayanna Pressley is expected to introduce a resolution to request an impeachment inquiry into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after new allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced over the weekend. In a statement, Pressley said: “I believe Christine Blasey Ford. I believe Deborah Ramirez. It is our responsibility to collectively affirm the […]

Another Day, Another Witch Hunt: Manhattan DA Issues Subpoena for Past 8 Years’ Worth of Trump’s State, Federal Tax Returns

A source with knowledge said that Manhattan’s District Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed President Trump’s tax returns for the past 8 years. The source said that “Manhattan District Attorney’s Cyrus Vance Jr.’s office recently sent a subpoena to Trump’s accounting firm seeking the last eight years of state and federal tax returns for Trump and his […]

Heads Will Roll: Investigation Almost Complete Into How Phony Russian Investigation Got Started; DOJ, FBI FISA Abuses

On Friday, the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, wrote to lawmakers that “his team is nearly finished with its long-awaited review of alleged surveillance abuses by the DOJ and FBI during the Russia investigation.” Horowitz added “they have submitted a draft to Attorney General Bill Barr and are finalizing the report ahead of its […]

Trump Calls for Republicans to Rebuild Broken Cities Caused by Dems’ Failed Policies During Baltimore Speech

Though he was heavily protested on his way to speak to House Republicans in Baltimore, President Trump’s speech was on the light-hearted side. Trump came under fire for referring to the city as “disgusting” and “rodent infested” earlier this year. Trump’s more than hour-long speech was described as mostly “a recitation of his accomplishments to […]

Trump Praises Pelosi Despite House Dems’ Pathetic Attempt to Keep Impeachment Story Line Going

President Trump heaped some praise on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi despite House Democrats’ ramping up their impeachment efforts against him on Thursday. When asked whether Pelosi was scared to impeach him, Trump told reporters: “I don’t think she’s scared of anything. I think she’s a smart woman and I think she knows exactly what she’s […]

Remembering 9/11: Man Who Lost Mother in Attack Called Out Omar, Squad for ‘Some People Did Something’ Remark, Their Attacks on American Principles

On the somber 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, some mourners took the time to not only remember their loved ones and the thousands of lives lost that day but also stepped into political waters with one man calling out progressive lawmakers. Nicholas Haros Jr., a man from New Jersey, made a […]

No Competition: NC’s Greg Murphy Trounces Dem in Pivotal 3rd Congressional District Race

Republican Dr. Greg Murphy won North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District in a dominating fashion over Democratic opponent former mayor of Greenville, North Carolina, Allen Thomas. With Murphy’s victory, the GOP keeps control of the seat that was formerly held by the late Republican Rep. Walter Jones Jr. Murphy was declared the winner “shortly after polls […]

Say, What? AOC Makes Birdbrain Announcement that House Should Vote on Impeachment to Put Republicans on the Spot, ‘Put a Stain on Their Careers’

Progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced to reporters on Tuesday that she wants to see the House vote to impeach President Trump because “it will force Republicans to take a vote on the issue.” AOC said: “I want to see every Republican go on the record and knowingly vote against impeachment of this president, knowing his […]

He Said-He Said: Was He Fired? Did He Resign? Trump Vs. Bolton

President Trump unceremoniously tweeted that he had axed John Bolton as the national security adviser, citing disagreements between the two while Bolton pushed back that he resigned in a growing war of words between the two men. On Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted: “I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed […]