‘Go Hard or Go Home’: GOP Senators Warn Dems that Impeachment Will Be a Losing Battle

Senate Republicans have already pledged to squash any articles of impeachment that pass the Democrat-controlled House. GOP lawmakers also warned that Democratic leaders will experience political backlash if they proceed with impeachment articles against President Trump. GOP senators insist “there are no grounds to impeach Trump and are daring Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to embark […]

A Gift to Republicans: Pelosi Launches Impeachment Inquiry, Says ‘No One is Above the Law’; Majority of Americans Against Impeachment

Though she has repeatedly and vehemently opposed impeachment, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially launched an impeachment inquiry on Tuesday, “a momentous decision that carries huge implications for the 2020 elections.” Pelosi, in a formal tone, “framed the move as a necessary response to the long trail of allegations against President Trump.” From a balcony behind […]

Republicans Call for Restraint as Dems Rush to Judgement in Whistleblower Complaint

There’s a battle on Capitol Hill triggered by the whistleblower complaint over President Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky where he allegedly pressured him to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Some Democrats have demanded “a copy of the whistleblower complaint against Trump, as some liberal lawmakers threatened subpoenas while […]

All About Unity: Trump, Modi Shared Stage at ‘Howdy, Modi Rally!’ in Houston to Tout Strength of U.S.-India Relationship

President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a stage on Sunday at a “Howdy, Modi!” rally in Houston, TX, where the two leaders praised each other. The rally was “attended by upward of 50,000 people, a rare mass showing for a foreign leader on American soil.” Trump called the event a “profoundly historic […]

Getting Schooled: AOC Attacks Pelosi, Dems for Not Impeaching Trump for ‘Lawbreaking Behavior’; Noted Author, Journalist James Fallows Points Out Flaws in Her Argument

Progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of “The Squad” has seemingly had enough of moderate Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not being more resolute about proceeding with impeaching President Trump. The slow-and-steady approach has been at the behest of Pelosi who AOC “has had an often contentious relationship since the freshman lawmaker arrived in Washington just […]

Fake News at it Again: Ben Carson Said Media Mischaracterized His Comments About Referring to Trans Women as ‘Big, Hairy Men’

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is standing his ground “after coming under fire for remarks he made about transgender people. He called “the media reports on his comments blatant mischaracterizations.” In an email to HUD employees Friday afternoon, “Carson admitted he expressed concern about big, hairy men trying to use women’s restrooms but […]

Another Partisan Hack Job: Fake, Liberal Media Using Anonymous Sources to Push Whistleblower Narrative

According to published reports on Friday, President Trump “repeatedly pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate Joe Biden, one of Trump’s chief political rivals, in a July phone call.” The phone call led to a whistleblower filing a “complaint that has sparked a political battle between Democrats warning of a national security threat and Republicans turning it […]

NRA Dismisses AG Barr’s Background Checks Plan as ‘Non-Starter;’ GOP Lawmakers Mum on Issue

While the NRA has called Attorney General William Barr’s background checks plan a “non-starter,” Republicans in the Senate have been cautious about the issue. On Wednesday, “Barr floated the proposal to GOP offices as the Senate inches toward doing something on gun control amid growing public pressure created by a seemingly endless string of mass […]

Too Out of Touch, Too Liberal: Trump Continues Critique of California’s Out-of-Control Homeless Problem; Revokes State’s Ability to Set Own Emission Standards

President Trump and California Gov. Gavin Newsome have been locked in an ongoing battle even before Trump made his way to the state for his two-day visit to raise millions of dollars at fundraisers held by rich Republicans. Trump “made a point of deriding the state’s handling of its homeless crisis, and on Wednesday, he […]

Trump Lashes Out at Graham Over His Remarks that Trump’s Response to Iran was ‘Sign of Weakness’

President Trump lashed out at Rep. Sen. Lindsey Graham after Graham “criticized the president’s past approach to Iran, arguing Tehran viewed it as a sign of weakness.” The two men have become allies since Trump became president. Earlier on Tuesday, Graham tweeted: “The measured response by President @realDonaldTrump regarding the shooting down of an American […]