How Enlightening: CBS Poll Shows Majority of Dems Support Impeachment While Majority of Republicans Feel Trump Acted Properly

Polls have been conducted to gauge how the American public feels about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The CBS poll shows about 55% of those polled agree with the inquiry. Partisan lines have clearly been drawn and “most Democrats call the president’s handling of matters with Ukraine illegal, and deserving of impeachment.” However, “most […]

How About Some Censorship? Biden Campaign Sends Letter Demanding Networks Stop Booking Giuliani Amid Ukraine Controversy

2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign sent a letter on Sunday to the heads of major news networks demanding that they no longer book President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to appear on their programs. The letter was “addressed to the heads of the major news and cable networks, as well as top news anchors.” […]

The News is Fake, But the Outrage is Real: #CancelNYT Continues to Trend Over Uproar of Paper Trying to Identify Whistleblower

Sarah Jeong, a “New York Times” editorial board member, said on Friday that the paper “does pay attention to subscriber cancellations, and they can back up dissenting views inside the paper.” Jeong tweeted: “NYT does pay attention to subscriber cancellations. It’s one of the metrics for ‘outrage’ that they take to distinguish between ‘real’ outrage […]

White House Confirmed Trump’s National Security Lawyers Advised Sealing Record of Ukraine Phone Call; Trump Questions if CIA Officer Even Whistleblower

On Friday, the White House “confirmed a key detail from the unidentified CIA officer who has accused President Donald Trump of abusing the power of his office.” Concurrently, “Trump insisted anew that his actions and words have been perfect and the complaint might well be the work of a partisan operative.” The White House also […]

Trump to California: Clean Up Your Act; EPA Writes Letter to Gov. that State is Violating Clean Air Act, Polluting Water Due to Homeless Problem

After President Trump’s threat to punish California for the pollution he says is caused by the state’s homeless, the Trump administration is following through with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler sending a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom. The letter stated that the administration doesn’t feel the governor is doing enough to enforce the Clean Air Act. […]

Deal Reached by Trump’s Lawyers, Manhattan DA’s Office to Delay Enforcement of Subpoena Demanding Trump’s Tax Returns

President Trump’s lawyers and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office have agreed on “a temporary arrangement under which prosecutors won’t enforce a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns for a short period of time, the district attorney’s office said in a court filing Thursday.” The DA’s office sent a letter to Judge Victor Marrero acknowledging “that it’s […]

Dems Salivating Over New Witchhunt Narrative; Trump Says Person Who Gave Whistleblower Info is ‘Spy’

The whistleblower at the heart of the latest controversy involving President Trump has accused the White House of taking “extraordinary steps to lock down information” about the July 25 call between Trump and the Ukrainian president. The whistleblower alleged in a complaint that White House officials moved “the transcript to a secret computer system,” and […]

Pence Declares Trump ‘Completely Vindicated’ After Release of Ukraine Call Transcript; Said Dems Still Trying to ‘Overturn the Results of the 2016 Election’

After the release of the transcript of the July 25 call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Vice President Mike Pence said that Trump is “completely vindicated.” During an interview with Lou Dobbs, Pence said: “The president did nothing wrong. He had a conversation with a world leader [and] spoke about issues that […]

Trump Pointed Out Hypocrisy of Dems During Press Conference; Said ‘Democrats Have Done What They’re Accusing Me of Doing’

President Trump defiantly pushed back against an impeachment inquiry during a press conference on Wednesday after he released the transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian president that’s at the center of a whistleblower complaint. Trump insisted “that he wants full transparency not only over the so-called whistleblower allegations leveled against him, but also from […]

Securing America: GOP Senators Approve Trump’s $5B Request for 200 Miles of Border Wall; Faces Uphill Battle with Dems

GOP Senators have approved the full $5 billion that President Trump has requested “to build about 200 miles (322 kilometers) of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, but the plan ran into immediate opposition from Democrats and is a non-starter with powerful House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.” The funding “is contained in a $71 billion draft funding […]