The News is Fake, But the Outrage is Real: #CancelNYT Continues to Trend Over Uproar of Paper Trying to Identify Whistleblower

Sarah Jeong, a “New York Times” editorial board member, said on Friday that the paper “does pay attention to subscriber cancellations, and they can back up dissenting views inside the paper.” Jeong tweeted: “NYT does pay attention to subscriber cancellations. It’s one of the metrics for ‘outrage’ that they take to distinguish between ‘real’ outrage […]

Fool of the Day: Joe Scarborough Fooled by ‘Daily Show’ Parody of Trump-Zelensky Conversation; Later Deleted Tweet

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough apparently was fooled by a transcript from “The Daily Show” that parodied the conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which triggered a whistleblower complaint and an impeachment inquiry against Trump. The parodied transcript “claims that Trump improperly withheld military funds from Ukraine until it investigated then-Vice President Joe […]

More Fake News: Wilbur Ross Denies Dozing Through Trump’s ‘Inspiring’ UN Speech; Said He Wears Hearing Aids, Was Concentrating

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross denied news reports that he fell asleep during President Trump’s United Nations speech and decried the reports as “fake news.” In his defense, Ross said: “This is fake news. I wear hearing aids and, during President Trump’s inspiring speech, which covered in detail the entire range of significant issues facing the […]

Another Partisan Hack Job: Fake, Liberal Media Using Anonymous Sources to Push Whistleblower Narrative

According to published reports on Friday, President Trump “repeatedly pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate Joe Biden, one of Trump’s chief political rivals, in a July phone call.” The phone call led to a whistleblower filing a “complaint that has sparked a political battle between Democrats warning of a national security threat and Republicans turning it […]

Trump Declares at NM Rally that NYT is ‘Dead’ and All Involved in Phony Kavanaugh Story Should Resign

During his New Mexico rally, President Trump touched on the news of the day, including the growing calls from Democrats for Justice Brett Kavanaugh to step down over sexual misconduct allegations published in “The New York Times.” After “The Times” was forced to correct parts of the story, Trump was adamant that there needed to […]

Marke(re)d Man: Trump Fights Back Against Fake News, Lyin’ Left After #SharpieGate Controversy

The critics have come out in full force against the erroneous map that President Trump displayed when talking about the path of Hurricane Dorian on Wednesday, which “appeared to have been altered with a black marker” to include Alabama. A day after showing the “seemingly doctored map of Dorian’s original path that also looped in […]

Fake News At Its Worst: NBC, Comcast Silent After Network Forced to Retract Fake Story by Lawrence O’Donnell About Trump’s Bank Loans; O’Donnell Apologizes; Trump Blasts Him, ‘LameStream Media’

NBC News has yet to comment over MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s future at the network or if he will face any type of disciplinary action after he was “forced to apologize and retract a singled-sourced, unverified report – which bypassed the network’s standards – claiming President Trump possibly had loans cosigned by Russian oligarchs.” On […]

Standing His Ground: Trump Stands Up to Fake Media, Calls Himself ‘Chosen One’ in Dealing With Trade War With China; Stood by Comments About ‘Disloyal’ Democratic Jewish-Americans

No stranger to tension with the media, President Trump took a defiant tone in a contentious back-and-forth with reporters at the White House for about 30 minutes where he discussed Greenland, gun control, how migrants are treated at the southern border and his feud with Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. When talking about the […]

‘Fake News Media’ Stoking Fears of Recession, ‘Trying to Crash the Economy’ Despite America’s Robust Economy: Trump Said

President Trump blamed the media on Thursday for “trying to crash the economy” following news that there are signs that the American economy is heading for a recession as well as an overall downturn in the global economy. A day after U.S. stocks had their worst performance of the year, Trump tweeted: “The Fake News […]

Fighting the Good Fight: Court Clears Way for Sarah Palin to Pursue Defamation Suit Against Biased New York Times for 2017 Editorial Linking Shooting of Rep. Giffords to Palin’s PAC

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s defamation suit against “The New York Times” can proceed after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a lower court judge who previously dismissed the case “strayed from procedural norms.” Palin’s suit centers around her claims that an editorial in the paper “linked her political action committee to the […]