Trump Ready to Fight All ‘Ridiculous’ Dem Subpoenas

President Trump stated that he plans to fight all subpoenas from House Democrats, including the “ridiculous” subpoena of former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. Speaking to reporters, Trump said, “I say it’s enough. We’re fighting all the subpoenas.” McGahn was subpoenaed earlier in the week by Democrats who […]

White House Showdown: Trump Admin Blocks Former WH Counsel McGahn from Testifying before a hostile Congress

Though a subpoena was issued for former White House counsel Donald McGahn to testify before Congress, the White House plans to prevent McGahn from testifying. This is another political battle between the Trump administration and Democrats following the release of the Mueller report. McGahn appeared in the Mueller report more than 150 times. He told […]

Americans have had enough: Dems Interested in Impeachment but the Voters Are not

Karlyn Bowman, a public opinion analyst, said that voters are increasingly less interested in discussing pursuing impeachment charges against President Trump. Reporters on the campaign trail with candidates are reporting that they aren’t hearing much talk about impeachment or the Mueller report. The main issues voters are concerned about are the economy and healthcare, according […]

Nearly 90% Of Egyptians Vote To Allow Their ‘President’ to stay in Power Until 2030

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi could remain in power until 2030 due to a majority of Egyptian voters backing a referendum that changes the country’s constitution. Sisi’s second term will now be 6 years instead of 4, and he can seek re-election one more time in 2024. According to the National Election Authority, of the […]

Mueller Report Could Give More Trouble & Charges for Julian Assange

The Mueller report details how WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange transferred Democratic Party documents stolen by Russian hackers to his own organization, “Organization One.” The Russian hackers were part of the country’s military intelligence. While Robert Mueller issued an indictment against the Russian hackers who colluded with WikiLeaks, Assange wasn’t called out by name. Assange has […]

All of the people and yet no one asked Dem candidates about the Sri Lankan terror attack during CNN’s Town Hall. How?

2020 Democratic presidential contenders were never asked about recent international events like the Sri Lanka terrorist attack during the prime-time CNN town hall meetings. The attack targeted Christians on Easter and left more than 300 dead and 500 injured. On Monday, CNN didn’t ask the candidates any questions about the attack that occurred the day […]

Reparations to Slave Descendants – Democratic Contenders are all on Board and ready to rob the nation

Nearly all of the Democratic presidential contenders support reparations for descendants of American slaves. Receiving reparations is not a new concept and has been around in one form or another since slavery was struck down by the 13th Amendment. While reparations have historically been supported by the most progressive on the left, the idea is […]

Terror Sri Lanka: Radical Imam Named as Mastermind in Easter Terrorist Attacks

Sri Lankan authorities have named Moulvi Zahran Hashim, a local cleric, as the mastermind behind the multiple Easter morning terrorist attacks. Coordinated suicide bombings at churches and luxury hotels resulted in about 321 deaths and hundreds injured. Hashim is the leader of a radical Islamist terrorist group, National Towheeth Jamath (NTJ). A Sri Lankan health […]